Friday, February 20, 2015

Dennis 2015

13 - Dennis

Dennis…my charmer. My gentleman. Always smiling.  Will give me the bestest compliments, and my best prayer warrior.

Dennis…the busy kid. The one least likely to obey the rules. Temptation comes easy for him.

At 9-years-old and he’s barely getting through first grade work. Why? Because the schools in Texas gave up on him a couple of years ago. They had put him in the resource room, and he said they always just played games. No school work.

How can the schools give up on a kid at 6- or 7-years-old? Blows my mind.

He didn’t know the Alphabet song. Didn’t recognize letters or numbers let alone write them. He could, just barely, write his name. This was at 8 1/2 years old.

He has come a long way this past 15 months or so. Academically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m very proud of him.

His integrity still stinks though. He’s one of those that, “Mom is not here, what can I do or get into that she won’t know” type of kid. I have a hard time trusting him out of sight. When I leave the family room, he sits on the couch until I get back.

Tomato staked to me (along with a couple of others).

But he will learn. I won’t give up on him ever. Neither will God.

I have high hopes for this kid.  He is bright. He is intelligent. He can go far if he’ll just allow himself to resist all the temptations life has to offer. To use his integrity at all times and not waiver.

A work in progress, but we’ve made so many uphill gains, I know the climb will continue for a long while but we will get to the top.

Dennis…..he gives the best hugs and gives me and Dave a bedtime blessing every night.

Love this kid!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tawny 2015

12 - Tawny

Tawny is probably the one I’ve most mentioned on this blog. Especially when it comes to Right to Life Sundays and such.

You’ve watched her grow up.

Now my baby girl (the only one we’ve adopted as a baby) is now 11 1/2 years old! Can you believe it!

Tawny is still pretty typical in most areas. She was a head in math, but I think it has finally caught up with her. She is struggling with what I call equivalents. You know… many pints in four gallons; if you have 20 quarters, how many dollars do you have? Those types of things.

Plus at 6th grade, they now have to learn to read between the lines when it comes to story problems. There are multiple steps in one story problem.

Straight multiplication is no problem.

Tawny has participated in two pageants in the past couple of years.

Miss Amazing! Have you heard of it? Last I heard, they are in 22 states. This year is the third time it has been in our area. Tawny is not participating this year. She is still in the same age category so we decided she’d wait until she is in the next age bracket……just because.

She has brought more than one person to tears with her singing. The first year she sang, “Jesus Loves Me”. Last year she sang “Amazing Grace”. She did an awesome job!

This may be a bit TMI, but a couple of months ago she began her cycle. I was so worried how she would handle it. Her reaction…..joyous. Excited! Elated!

Her words when I asked her how she was doing about four days in, “I am doing great! I am growing up which means I get to be a mom pretty soon.”

Since then, we can see another Tawny. More mature. More regal. She dressed for church one day (Ok, she does every Sunday LOL) and she dressed similarly to me….skirt, sweater….she said, “I look like a real mom today.” She held herself so much differently. Sang so much more from the heart.

Her biggest goal in life is to be a mom. She still wants five kids. She wants to adopt five teens, “but not at the same time. Just one at a time.”

Now if I can just get her to wait to grow up all the way before worrying about having a family….I’ll be OK.

My little Tawny Sue. Not so little any more. Growing fast, right before my eyes.

What a blessing she has been. I praise the Lord often that her biological parents never had the Down Syndrome test done, if they had, Tawny would not be with us today.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stephanie - 2015

11 - Stephanie

Another one with high dollar hair color.

Stephanie is probably the first one of the sib group of seven to really bond. She now calls her biological parents Aunt and Uncle (when she talks about them) instead of mom and dad. Right now she has no desire to ever see them again. I’m sure that will change though.

She’s pretty well a daddy’s girl though Smile

She has recently join the local swim team with older brother, Nehemiah. Along with her older nephew, Charlie, and younger niece, Megan. She is a natural in the water. I’m excited to see where it will take her.

Stephanie is very mature for all her twelve years on this earth. She told me the other day that she could live on her own because she was basically the mother of the kids. She is enjoying being a “kid” right now though.

This girl is pretty even tempered. If she gets upset, she goes to her room alone to deal with it, and comes back a happy child like nothing had happened. I like that about her. It is what I do too.

Her favorite…..character I guess you’d say….is Raggedy Ann & Andy and the Minions. Quite the combination LOL She did a chalk art picture of a minion for Dave for Christmas. It was pretty cool!

If she had a guinea pig, his name would be Alex. If she had a puppy, his name would be Alex. If she had a pet giraffe, his name would be Alex. If she had a son, his name would be…….Jason LOL

She’s too funny!

Stephanie is one of the ones that changed her name. In fact, she changed it during the five days we visited with them in Texas. She said she is beginning a new life and wanted a new name to start over. The old name had too many bad memories and she wanted to leave that in the past.

Smart girl for a then 10-year-old (now 12).

She has been a great blessing to our family.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cody - 2015

10 - Cody

Like that eye? Yeah, Cody is the one that had an eye injury with a stick two weeks after we got him. He’s lost so much iris that his pupil is quite large. The Dr. is excited that his eye is so red because it means light in getting in there very well.

Right now we are in watch mode for his eye. He has another appointment the end of this month. We are praying that we’ll be able to go into yearly visits after this instead of every 3-5 months.

Cody is very petite. He is six days younger than Adam but barely taller than our 11-year-old (Adam and Cody are 14). He is FINALLY getting the chip off his shoulder about this and accepting that God has made us all unique.

Cody is still working on respecting women. He follows Dave everywhere. Dave can hardly take a step without nearly stepping on Cody. I guess boys need that father figure to look up too. Too many moms (biological as well as fosters) have let him down. With all the girls here, he’s learning.

With being Dave’s shadow, it is no wonder that he wants to work with Dave at our shop after high school. He’s not anxious to leave home any time soon… least not that he has ever spoken about.

Cody’s a charmer for sure.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adam - 2015

Oops! I guess I got a bit behind.

Here’s Adam.

9 - Adam

Gotta love that vibrant red hair and big toothy smile. He is like a coppertop battery and keeps on going and going and going. So sometimes, to get his attention, we do call him Coppertop.

He asked us once why red heads are called carrot tops. He said if you actually think about it, carrot tops are green not red nor orange.


He does have the color of hair that women pay big bucks to achieve. Our oldest daughter says he has Barbie Doll hair. It is just that texture and soft.

We predict that Adam will be our “suit”. He’d rather not get dirty. His hair has to be combed at all times. He likes to dress nice. He’d prefer a big city life vs our country life.

He loves to collect Bibles. I am always on the look out for unique Bibles. The last one I got for him is totally waterproof. Every single page. Can actually sit in the pool and read and not worry about ruining the fragile pages that typical Bibles are made with. He was very excited to get that one, especially since his name was engraved on it.

Anyway….Adam is our clown. He makes the funniest faces. He has so many facial expressions. But when he is serious….he is really serious.

Adam is the only one of our adoptions whom has been on grade level straight across the board. Which has been a blessing for sure.

This is the one that ran to us the first day and gave Dave and I a huge hug saying, “my new mom and dad, finally”.

He’s a gem for sure.