Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tiffany - 2015

8 - Tiffany

Tiffany is the youngest biological sibling to Nicole, Jaime, and Donald.

When we got Tiffany at 3-years-old, and she learned her full name…..we had to call her “Tiffany Sue Buffalou” (not Butterfield). If we didn’t say the full name, she wouldn’t answer, or she’d answer with her hands on her hips, and say that’s not my name.

Funny girl! 

One time I had asked her why she did something she wasn’t suppose too. She says (with the most soulful look)…..”because I’m a poooor miserable sinner”. Trying my best not to laugh at her, but to rebuke her for her wrong doings, was so so hard. I had to fake an excuse to go to the bathroom so I could laugh out loud LOL

Funny girl!

Now, she will be 15 in a couple of weeks and has the “whoa is me” teenage years.  Now when I ask her why she is doing something she isn’t suppose to do, or something she is told to do, she says,  no one else is, or because someone else told her to do it another way from what I told her to do. I have to remind her often who is in charge.

Funny girl!

Tiffany wanted to be a pediatrician at one point. She has decided that being a Dr. might be too “gross”. Now she is interested in Marine Biology. I’m sure that will have gross parts too, but I haven’t mentioned that at all.

Tiffany is also our hugger and smiles a lot. The elderly people at church gravitate towards her (and Ashley) because of their smiles.

Math is her favorite subject which will be helpful towards being a Dr. or a biologist. She is always reading encyclopedias and loves World Almanac type books.

The youngest likes to sit in Tiffany’s lap to watch TV.

Tiffany also likes to build things…..well, while camping she built a teepee out of twigs, branches, brush. She was upset she couldn’t take it apart and bring it home so she has been working on building one here at home. She gets super mad when the wind blows it down.

Silly girl!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Austin - 2015

7 - Austin

Austin, who changed his middle name to be named after his new dad….Austin David.

Austin came to us with his little brother, Cody. He was only a couple of weeks away from 14 years old when they arrived.

Austin spent eight years in the foster system. Being passed up because of his “issues”.

He was a very angry boy. Scared. Worried. Not only about himself but what would happen to him and Cody plus they had three younger brothers they had no clue where they were. Frankly, I’d be angry too. I’d probably be lashing out at others too. Especially when the “others” didn’t give him straight answers. Just blew him off.

Austin needs answers to his questions. He doesn’t rest until his questions are answered to his satisfaction. They don’t have to be in depth answers. Just be honest with him.

When he talked to us about his fears, we helped him to get through them. Found answers he needed if we didn’t have them. The biggest of his worries was about the three younger boys, now that Cody was back living with him (they were separated for nearly half of their time in foster care). Learning where the other brothers were was important to him. We found out they were adopted. The one younger than Cody by someone and the twins, by someone else in another state. Austin and Cody have not seen the other three since coming into care.

Austin has high ambitions too. He is a kid with an intellectual disability but that doesn’t stop his dreams and goals. He will probably graduate in a couple of years with an IEP like Nicole did this past summer.

He wants to be in the Army. Drive tanks. Be a soldier. Anything military. We told him he needed a Plan B because he has amblyopia in one eye (could have been taken care of if foster parents had followed through with the optometrist recommendations….grrrr). With a bad eye, the Army may not take him.

Plan B – own a Dairy Farm! How fun is that! He’s always had a huge fascination with cows. One of our daughter-in-law’s parents own a dairy about two hours from us. I talked to them about letting Austin come out there for a week or two this summer so he can get some real hands-on experience. My biggest worry is he won’t want to come home LOL

I’ve always wanted a couple cowboys in the family. Maybe Austin will be a good start.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Nehemiah - 2015

6 - Nehemiah

Nehemiah is the oldest of our last sibling group. There are seven of them. I can’t tell you what a blessing he has been.

Not because he’s super obedient and compliant.

Not because he’s a great gentleman.

Not because he’s full of patience.

Not because he’s a straight ‘A’ honor roll student.

But because of his positive outlook on life.

He has told us from the beginning that everything happens for a reason. He refuses to be upset about being removed from his first parents’ home, because he knows that God had other plans for him that he wasn’t getting in that life.

Big words for a then 15-year-old (16 now).

His positive outlook has helped many others, especially his younger siblings, have a different outlook for their futures too.

There isn’t enough time in life for him to accomplish all that he wants in life. He wants to make up, in the next 3-4 years, what he missed the first 15 years of his life. His bucket list is loooooong! Not a bad thing. Ambitions are great!

At first he wanted to be in the medical field. Then I signed him up for an anatomy class. Then it just became a medic in the Navy or Army. Now he’s not so sure about being in the medical field in any way shape or form.

Now it might be to join the Army to drive tanks. But then he wants to stay around here and not be so far away with the Army so it might be the National Guard.  Construction might be something he’d like to have his hand at. Maybe he’ll become a professional swimmer as he’s on the local swim team (earned his letter this past Fall). He wants to beat Michael Phelps’ records. But then he may want to not swim this summer so he can play baseball. Then there is football in the fall. Maybe a fireman wouldn’t be so bad to do. There would be excitement and busyness, and he’d be close to home. But wait….riding bulls in the rodeo would be excitement and busyness, and he’ll be able to travel around, and still live here as his home base. When he’s hurt, he can come home where I can take care of him.

He does want Dave and I to live with him when we are too old to live alone. No nursing home for us Smile

He wants to be married by 19 or 20. He wants four kids….two boys, two girls all names ending with an ‘iah’.

So many things, so little time.

It will be interesting to see where the Lord takes him with all these goals. He knows God has his future already planned out and he chooses to follow God’s lead for him.

Hmmm…..maybe a Pastor won’t be too far out of line Smile


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Donald - 2015

5 - Donald

Donald – what can I say about this handsome young man.

He came to us when he was 6 years old covered in scabs from eczema that flares up when he is nervous or scared (no flare up in years and years). Alligator skin we’d sometimes say. He is Nicole and Jaime’s biological brother.

Now, at nearly 6 foot tall and 18 years old, he is a charmer. He was so little for so long. He cried often because of his size. God has blessed him with his height to be where he is today.

He wasn’t with us two weeks when he begged to remain here forever. He has become my knight. My body guard. He hurts when I hurt. He opens my doors and waits when the other kids run ahead so I’m not alone. He’s probably the one kid that I know I can pretty well count on to do what I ask when I ask and get the job done.

Most of the other kids look up to him and the littles adore him.

He loves to bake and he is our in-house Banana Bread maker using different ingredients to get different flavors. I have yet to figure out my favorite.

The kids and I were talking about back talking our parents. I told my kids that I’m over 50 years old and have never back talked either of my parents. I asked the kids which one of you can say the same thing. Donald was the only one who raised his hand. I had to agree with him that he never has. He then told us stories about having to have a talk with another kid in driver’s ed a couple of years ago. The kid couldn’t figure out why his parents yelled at him all the time. Donald got out of him that he had back talked and refused to do something that was asked of him. He flat out told this kid that lies his problem. He told him I don’t yell at him, and he never back talks me to make me need to yell at him.

I wonder if this kid took Donald’s advice to heart.

I will miss him terribly when he goes off to the Army National Guard boot camp. He chose the National Guard to be a weekend warrior verses being gone from home (our area) full time like the regular Army has sent our oldest two boys. He says he wants to stay close to home in case we ever needed him. He wants to be there for us like we’ve been there for him all these years.

He’s a one-of-a-kind for sure.


P.S. Donald graduated with Nicole and Jaime this past summer. A year ahead of schedule.


Donald with youngest brother, Jeremiah. Aren’t they adorable!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ashley - 2015

4 - Ashley

Ashley was our first adoption. Coming to us at age 6…now she is 18 years old. Boy, how time flies!!

Ashley will graduate this year. She probably could have last year but I felt (she wanted to) have another year at school since we homeschool. She wanted a couple more math classes and literature class.

She aspires to work in the medical field. The ultimate goal is being a Medical Examiner in a big city some day.

She says she isn’t even dating until she is done with medical school let alone have a family before then. I told her we’ll see about that. I was never getting married either, nor was I “having” any kids. I was going to adopt all my kids.

I reminded her never to say never….she may eat those words one day. Ask me how I know LOL

We will see where God takes her. I know she will listen to wherever or whatever He guides her to do.