Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I’m here! I’m here!

I’m not lost. I haven’t forgotten

Life has been busy adjusting to seven more kids into the family.

Within the first 30 days all the new kids are suppose to have vision, dental, well-child checks, and therapy set up.

It took over 30 days getting their medicaid cards (adoption perk is medicaid until they each turn 18). By then it was December and I put my foot down that December is busy enough without adding in all those appointments. So I scheduled appointments for January.

Since the kids have been doing so well…..we got permission to forego the therapy, for now, with a wait and see approach. Any problems, we are to schedule ASAP.

Fair enough. The kids were dreading the therapy more than anything else.

So January has been extremely busy. I did have a couple open days but Nehemiah (15) decided to punch a wall and got a boxer’s fracture. So we had to cut our anniversary plans and come home to spend the rest of the afternoon at the ER. Two days later (the only open day that week) we had to take him to the specialist in the big city. He fractured middle and ring fingers on his right hand right next to the growth plates.

Then two days later I slipped on the ice and fractured the radius ball in my left arm. I’m typing one handed now. I don’t have a cast. Nehemiah chose a hot pink cast.


We had full intentions to put Nehemiah (15) and Adam (13) in public school because.

  1. We are technically suppose to put all the kids in public school until we finalize unless we have a waiver (we are waiting on that waiver).
  2. Nehemiah and Adam really wanted to go.
  3. It would bring more peace to our own homeschool with them not here for the majority of the day. Trying to do some school in November and December with them was a pain. Even some of the other kids wanted to go to public school because “school is not fun any more” because I spent too much time getting after those two boys and the 2- and 4-year-olds.

Well….the Lord had other plans. We planned to wait until winter break for public school was over and enroll them. It would be the beginning of second semester not coming in the middle/end of the first one, the holiday season was over, they were more settled, etc.

January 6th was the official enroll date. Some of the kids had eye appointments in the morning, then we’d have lunch and enroll the boys. Be done with that in time for the confirmation kids to get to class.

The eye appointment took way longer than is typical. We had a late lunch, less than an hour to kill before taking the kids to confirmation so we didn’t get them enrolled.

Tuesday, we had the specialist appointment for Nehemiah. He’d have had to miss school that day anyway.

Wednesday, we had snow and icy roads and warnings to not go out if not necessary. I didn’t feel it was necessary to enroll the boys that day.

Thursday, some of the other kids had eye appointments. After that we ran to the store, then we were to pick up the grandkids and bring them home for school. Right on their sidewalk, I slipped on the black ice.

I thought I had bruised myself pretty bad. But as I drove to pick up our other two students, I got to thinking/feeling that the pain was unlike any pain I’d ever felt before, so I began to suspect a break.

I drove to the shop and asked Brandy to take the kids and food home and have Dave drive me to the ER.

It took nearly three hours to get an x-ray! Sent me home with a sling.

Friday, well I just didn’t feel like going any where. I slept most of the day because of the pain in my arm.

I told the boys (actually on Thursday when I got home) that I feel that God is putting up road blocks trying to tell us to not put the boys in school.

Nehemiah said he’d do whatever God wanted us to do. Adam said he didn’t care what God wanted, he wanted to go to public school.

By Friday afternoon Adam came to me and said he agreed that God probably doesn’t want them in public school.

I told Adam that I am glad he agreed because, there is no way I was going against God’s will for us because, life would get much more miserable then that week had already been.

So….we haven’t enrolled them.

And you know, life has gone much more smoothly since we made that decision. I ordered their books right away. They have been trickling in. School has also gone much smoother than we were doing before the holiday season set in. Now to get thru January and the rest of the appointments and onto a more steady schedule.

We are getting there one day at a time by the grace of God.

Have a fantabulous day!!

God’s Blessings



Hope Rising Farm said...

So excited to see your post despite the casts! Glad you are looking to The Lord in everything! Will continue to pray for peace in your home and the schedule to be ironed out! Blessings to you!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Vickie,

I was so excited to see your update on my reading list :-)

I pray you and Nehemiah have fast recoveries. I also pray life settles down and becomes peaceful and routine soon. Thank you so much for the update. It sounds like everyone there is progress in the adjusting phase.


Michele said...

Thrilled to see you post as well! Been wondering how things were going. SO sorry about all of the injuries -praying for healing for you both. Glad to see they boys will remain at home and that life is setlling down a little- no onw can love them like you can! HUGS!

Andrew Calandrelli said...

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