Sunday, March 23, 2014

Smoothing out!

Things are smoothing out for the most part. Life is going forward. Just as I think we don’t have another appointment though, something comes up but I guess that’s life too.

I’ve been going to the chiropractor a couple of times a week to do “therapy” on my elbow. Apparently when I healed, it really tightened my tendons so I couldn’t straighten out my elbow at all. I have another 5-10% left to go to get it all the way to straight. I have full rotation now….whew! I can use it for the most part, just can’t extend it all the way to reach for something.

We’ve had the yucks too. Some of us didn’t go to church last Sunday but we are better now. Dave and Tawny didn’t go today but they are feeling much better this afternoon. I think we’ve hit the end of it.

Glad that is over.

As for Nehemiah and our “issue” on my last post……his mom has still not written him. Two of his grandmas have sent two of the kids birthday cards but sent directly to us. I know they’ve received the info about the correspondence protocol AND nothing for the younger five.

One of the kids’ caseworker’s complaint was that the parents wouldn’t follow the plan. Balked about everything. Wouldn’t attend required meetings. Etc. Now….they still aren’t following what has been established.

When….I mean really…when, will the family think of someone besides themselves!!! Nehemiah is hurt that he hasn’t heard a thing. He is thinking that either us, or his worker, is withholding mail from him (we aren’t, it was for the other kids and we won’t give it to them until they are much much older). They know the rules. They’ve been told more than once. Whether they like how we have to do this contact or not….it is about the kids and not about them.

We’ve had a couple of birthdays. Sofia turned 7 in February. She promised she’d be 6 for another year for us. LOL

Jeremiah turned 3 last Sunday. So now, the 2’s are gone too.


Homeschooling is moving along. Now and again Adam says something about going to public school. I told him that God has called us otherwise so we’ll follow what He has called us to do. I leave it at that.

Jaime (18) and Donald (17) are going to teach soccer. Dennis (8) will be part of their team. Logan (4) will also be joining soccer this spring season. Our son-in-law, Robert, will be his coach. Practices start tomorrow and will be twice a week and games on Saturdays.

The youth group went tubing in February. Families were invited to go along so we took all the younger kids as well. Logan and Jeremiah weren’t too thrilled. They had to ride solo on their tubes, we weren’t warned to be sure they had goggles or something (we’d never been before). They were more than ready to come home. But we all had a blast!


There’s a bit of an update for now.

Feeling blessed.



Hope Rising Farm said...

So glad to hear from you! Prayers have been sent your way as The Lord brought you to mind! Enjoy the journey!

Michele said...

Always glad to read your updates and know you are still moving forward! May The Lord continue to bless your family Vickie! Praying for you all!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

So glad to hear that things are beginning to smooth out. We will continue to keep your family in prayer as your children continue to adjust to a new life.
It is so sad that the birth family will not follow the rules set forth by the caseworker/courts. But their selfishness is an example of why this family has "lost" these beautiful children - putting themselves and their feelings/priorities ahead of what is best for the children.
May God bless your patience.