Monday, April 21, 2014


Palm Sunday 2014 is going to be a Sunday always imprinted on our hearts.

All nine of our new kids were Baptized!!! Ages 3- to 15.

So exciting!

My mom and brother showed up which is the first time in 14 years, that I know of, they’ve been in church. I’m praying they got a lot out of the message.

Dave’s mom, brother, his girlfriend, her son and his girlfriend also showed up. The church they attend …. well actually I’m not sure how they do things but Dave’s mom wanted her to experience the Baptisms as a Lutheran, LCMS.

Good Friday was the 11th anniversary of bringing home our first sib group of 4. Good Friday this year our two oldest newest sons made the decision they want to finalize and be a permanent part of our family (they were questioning whether they really wanted to finalize or not. Nothing against us, more like loyalty to their birth families). But, they’ve decided that God brought them here for a reason and they may as well listen to what He has to say as to why. Nehemiah (15) is good about saying, “everything happens for a reason”.

Today in our Bible study we talked about Joseph and his brothers selling him into slavery. Joseph told his brothers that what was thought to do harm, God meant for good. Nehemiah totally relates to that story as he kept saying, “you are speaking my story”. God just might have something mighty important in mind for this boy of ours.

Here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy!

The second picture also includes our Brandy and her family.

God’s Blessings,



Hope Rising Farm said...

We just did a study that said if you are adopted you better hold onto your hat because God is preserving you for something special and you are getting ready of a life of service to Him...that sure caught the ear if everyone of our adopted kiddos...such exciting news for all of you! God bless you and your journey!

Michele said...

Wonderful news- rejoicing with you! Love the picture of everyone!